Adsense Optimization Course by Google : Free Certificate

So do you have an Adsense account ? Although its easy for you to get Adsense Approved mayn’t be that easy to earn more. Although you earn may be it can be more 🙂

Its time to officially learn more about optimizing your ads to get more revenue with Google Adsense Optimization Course.

This Adsense Optimization Course comes with tests and guide with both Video and Text [pdf format].
Really awesome lessons and at the end of each lesson one test will be there. Final one is a surprise secret test. Actually that’s nothing just a overall test upon all the lessons.

You can leave and continue between each module as there is no restrictions there.

Finally after completion you will get a certificate like :

adsense optimization

For that you must score 80% + in final assessment.
My name is missing in the certificate due to technical faults perhaps otherwise you’ll get your name in the certificate. Just fun 😀 the main thing is to learn and understand Adsense well.

So get started with Google Adsense Optimization course now.

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