How to Sell Products on Flipkart, Full Guide

By | April 6, 2015

Flipkart is the India’s Largest e-commerce market place with large variety of products and large number of sellers. You can either Purchase or either Sell your products online. Our last Post is regarding the tutorial how to purchase products on flipkart but today we tell you to how to sell your products on flipkart.


There is tremendous business opportunity for those who want to sell on Flipkart by becoming a Flipkart seller. In this article, we look how to become a Flipkart seller and sell on Flipkart.If you list your products onflipkart, your products willbe seen by about 18 million flipkart users. Your local business can become nationwide. Your shop will open for business 24/7 when you have online shop.Flipkart has automated order and payment processing system and sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them.


How to sell products on flipkart , Steps .

We include some screen shots in it so that you can able to understand better.

1)Firstly Visit the Flipkart Seller Page and click on Start Selling button and proceed as shown in screen shot.

how to sell products on flipkart

2) After this you have to put your name and email address. After entering the details click on continue button.

how to sell products on flipkart

3) Now you have to enter your details like your pin code, category of the product that you want to sell, password, verification code and finally click on Signup and you’ll receive verification link on your email address. Verify your account and continue.

how to sell products on flipkart

4) After email verification you have to put all your personal details like your contact number, address etc. and click on Continue button.

how to sell products on flipkart

5) Finally you have to put all the seller details like Name, address, PAN number, TIN/TAN number and other details. And press continue.

how to sell products on flipkart

After all these steps you can able to list your products on flipkart and start selling.

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