Top Affiliate Networks in India ,Detailed Comparision

By | April 29, 2015

Are you on affiliate marketing?  Today we’ll tell you the list of 5 top affiliate networks for publishers in India. We will review affiliate networks with full descriptions. Get rid of registering affiliate programs on every site.

Affiliate Networks

We’ll try to state about this program in simple words so that you can able to understand quickly. Affiliate program is an referral marketing program where a webmasters place the advertisers products on his page and promote them. For which the webmaster gets commission (affiliate network earnings) if some one click the product link and purchase on advertiser site. The advertiser gives a unique tracking URL so that the advertiser can track how much sales generating from that site. The most common types of affiliate programs include pay-per-click (PPC), and pay-per-sale (PPS)etc. Affiliate networks are the mediator and linked with various e-commerce sites affiliate program. So we don’t need to register on every e-commerce sites affiliate channel , just select any affiliate network and choose the desired affiliate program listed you want to use.


Top Affiliate Networks :

1) VCommission: VCommission is an International CPA Network based out of India. They work on high quality advertising and generating quality traffic for their affiliates.. Despite having so many offers, vCommission gives each affiliate a high level of attention ensuring that you have all the tools necessary to succeed in affiliate marketing. They have NET45 payment

2) CueLinks: They have Java Scripts though which all outgoing links of your site will be converted to affiliate link  also manual affiliate Link make tool. Cue links has a widget which you can use in you sites sidebar/footer etc. The widget automatically shows good deals from Shopping sites. Another feature is Cue Words though which some Keywords in your post will be linked with relevant affiliate links. Payment is NET60. but their reports are not in detail.

3)Payoom: Payoom affiliate network is Indian fastest growing affiliate network. They offer CPA, CPD and CPL campaigns in India. Payoom sometimes offers excusive coupons for their users.  Payment is both Net45 and Net60.

4) Komli: Komli is One of the leading front runners in the mobile advertising space and with robust reporting panel, Komli mobile is becoming one of the top mobile ad network in India. Komli has offers which are second to none and for advertisers it has a huge share of publishers. Komli has a good dashboard also they give offers via mail. Payment Is Net45.

5) Omgpm: OMG we’re international leaders in performance marketing, offering award-winning campaigns in four main channels like affiliate marketing, reward marketing, lead generation and comparison technologies.If you want to maximise sales and increase your brand’s presence online, you can rely on our unique combination of this technology

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