DGB Haflinger Duos 6600mAh Mobile Power Bank [50% OFF]

Get DGB Haflinger Duos 6600mAh Mobile Power Bank at 50% OFF at Rs.1699 Rs.849
Product Features :
  • Dual USB Charging Slots
  • LED Torch Function
  • LED Indicator
  • LED Indicator Light for Battery Status
  • Battery can be used more than 500 times
With DGB Haflinger Duos a 6600mAh Mobile Power Bank you no longer have to worry about the draining of your mobile phone’s battery while you’re on the go. This power bank can charge your mobile phone, Smartphones, MP3 devices etc. full 100% charge up to 2x over. The DGB power bank is equipped with a micro USB charging cable and is compatible with almost all Smartphones. It also has an LED Torch Light that can be used in emergency. The DGB battery looks stylish and it is compact and light in weight. The power bank consists of a pair of tested Lithium-Ion batteries.
This Product also comes with :
Free Shipping
30 Days Replacement Guarantee
6 Months Warranty
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