Free Samples from TrynBuyIndia September 2014

Collect you free samples from trynbuyindia,, free samples like toothpaste, facewash, nicorette ect. and many more, get you free Samples here.


free samples from trynbuyindia


Free sample of Pepsodent Expert Pro-sensitive Relief & Repair.

Trynbuy India | Pepsodent Expert Pro-sensitive Relief & Repair


If you fell a sharp pain in your teeth when you eat or drink hot or cold food/beverage( tea,soft drinks, ice-cream), then you many have sensitive teeth. Pepsodent expert Pro-sensitive Relief & Repair is the most advanced sensitive toothpaste that not only provides instant relief from sensitivity pain but also repairs sensitivity.

Try Pepsodent Expert Pro-sensitive Relief & Repair for FREE.


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Free sample of Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash

Trynbuy India | CLEAN & CLEAR Foaming Facial

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash has rich foam that removes excess oil and dirt without over drying. Special ingredients help prevent pimples. Leaves skin feeling clean and beautifully clear. it is specially designed to prevent the common skin problems.

MRP: Rs.49

But you can get it for FREE just by paying Rs.10 as shipping charges.

Note: This face wash is for females, and if you want this face wash then you have to select the Gender as Female while registering.


Offer Page : Get free sample of Clean & Clear face wash Here




 Free Sample from TrynBuyIndia of Nicorette

Trynbuy India | Nicorette

Nicorette gums helps you quit cigarettes or tobacco chewing and reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Suitable for those who smoke 20 Cigarettes a day or less or 10 Gutkha packs a day or less. It is sugar-free and available in mint flavor.

MRP: Rs.50

But you can able to get it for FREE just by paying Rs.10 as shipping charges.


Offer Page : Get free sample of Nicorette Here




Free Sample of Skyn Condoms

Trynbuy India | Skyn Condoms

KamaSutra SKYN Condoms are revolutionary condoms. They are sure to change your condom experience forever. Made from a new synthetic material KamaSutra SKYN condoms have softer & more natural feel thus giving you a btter sensation every time.


Offer Page : Get Free sample of SKYN condoms Here



Enjoy your Free Samples from TrynBuyIndia


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