Free VPS 2014 by NationServer.Info

Hello CouponZClub freaks we are continuously trying our best to get free vps from various sources. This time its a very new name for you ; its NationServer.

After many free vps 2014 offers finally its time to checkout the new provider NationServer.

Free VPS 2014

Their VPS are sponsored by SupremeServers and you need to make few posts in the forum to get your lifetime free vps.

Also NationServer comes with free cPanel and Reseller Hosting giveaways with same post to host concept.

Checkout the Nationserver free vps offer page.

Currently the above vps are available at vps giveaway :

Plan 1 :

RAM : 220 MB
Swap : 192 MB
Disk : 20 GB
Bandwidth : 625 GB
Virtualization : Openvz
No Control Panel
Location: Dallas
1 IPv4 Address

Plan 2 :

RAM : 300MB
No Swap Memory
Disk : 3GB SSD
Bandwidth : Unmetered
Virtualization : OpenVZ
No Control Panel
Location : Kharkov, Ukraine
1 IPv4 Address

Also they do provide vps upto 1GB RAM which is currently not available .

You just need to make 20 POSTS to get a free vps and 20posts/month to keep it.

So hope you liked the new member NationServer in the free vps 2014 club.

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