Free VPS / Dedicated Server / TLD Giveaway from Subnetweb

From theΒ  beginning I can see lots of our visitors are interested in Digitalocean Promo Codes and Free VPS trial. Since Digitalocean stopped working with Bancore VCC I’ve got some request to post some other free vps trial.

For them here is a New surprise to get a free vps as well you will get to learn a lot , free support and tutorials as well. Its Subnetweb Tech. There are many reasons to recommend Subnetweb as you can get :

free vps

Free VPS :

You can select any VPS ranging from 256MB to 1GB RAM [Can be increased too] [Subnetweb VPS Plans] according to your requirement. Its permanent and not a free vps trial only. You will get your free vps as long you comply with their terms.

Their VPS are sponsored by Top class providers like : Softlayer, Fuzzyhosts.

Option to choose your vps location from : USA.EU & more

The best part is they do provide 1Gbit vps too which are mostly unaffordable/costly.

Free TLD [.com/.net.. domains]

Subnetweb is the only place allows free domains to its members along with free vps. You can keep both vps and domain for free with a simple link back only. So you dont have to worry about starting your small business/blog/forum.

Free cPanel hosting :

Have a website but looking for a free host. If you have used free hosts you must be aware of the quality and behavior of free hosting providers. So you can get premium cPanel hosting [Unmetered Disk,Bandwidth] as well as some times they do provide legit cPanel license to their members in giveaway.

But you cant keep both free vps and cPanel hosting at a time. You have to choose one from them.

Free Dedicated Server :

Recently Subnetweb announced about the Free Dedicated Server giveaway πŸ™‚ and this is the first time ever in the web.

According to their announcement the possible spec of Dedicated Servers :Β Link

E-3 processors(Single and Dual core)

2GB RAM and more

5 IP addresses with ability to order more

Locations : Dallas,New York.Singapore,Amsterdam

UPDATE : Currently Subnetweb is having some issues with sponsors as some abusers misused their vps. So let subnetweb on hold for some days to see the results as there mayn’t any new giveaway and checkout our free vps section for more updates on other providers.

So Hurry Join Subnetweb now and grab your free service πŸ™‚

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