Free VPS for lifetime ; no cc vcc required

Hey readers we are continuously trying our best to get you free vps, free vps trial offers from the web. This time something special and the best ever services yet not known to everyone.

Its Free VPS Community that’s sponsoring VPS from providers, yes as I said its being provided by many vps , hosting providers out there to help members.

Its FreeVPS.US

free vps

The the best and old community about Vps discussions, tutorials , offers etc. The community was started earlier in 2010 and still its being managed by professionals.

You will get free vps along with a good support from sponsors as they remain active in the community too, you can ask for any help in Help sections too. So overally what more you need than a freevps, vps tutorials/guides and support ?

How to get a free vps from ?

I guess many people know this community well but cant understand actually how to claim a free vps there ? So here we go :

Sign UP at the community

Read their rules as a its first time

Make 30 posts [posts can be replies or new threads exclude off topic section]

Make sure you have reached :

  • 55 score
  • 30 posts
  • 0 or a positive reputation
  • 0% warning level

Don’t worry to get a lifetime free vps of so costly you have to contribute a little and after few days it will be easy for you to understand how to make quality posts. Also its not just post its simply conversions to learn which will help you later.

Wait for 15th of month to participate in vps Giveaway

You can checkout the vps’s available and being taken by other users here

You will see a bunch of providers and such high end specs you mayn’t afford generally.

The VPS’s are ranging from 128MB ram to 3GB RAM and also there are unmetered bandwidth vps’s out there.

The best thing is they don’t run away/ low quality like other free vps providers. I’ll say its the best ever and long live free vps provider in the world and probably you will say too 😉
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