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Hello readers as announced earlier host1free , worlds largest free vps provider is switching to HapHost and everyone is excited for the new changes.

Although host1free managed to provide a lots free vps around the world. Still completely failed to manage abuse and hence many users suffered as suspension or direct termination of vps’s without any notification.


So we are unsure about the changes to be seen in HapHost in coming days still we have some official update to share :


Update : 1 August 2014

Finally HapHost has started and this comes with 2 new services :

  • Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting


It took 1hr to get the free vps approval and the spec :

Server Location : SA/DE

128 MB Ram

128 MB vSwap

10 GB Disk

10 Mbps Network


So Hurry Claim yours now.


We request readers to use this for learning and don’t abuse to let this free service long live.


HapHost will come with :

  • Integrated DirectAdmin
  • Integrated VPS Panel
  • Integrated Client Area

So you may visit HapHost on or after 21days from now [10th July] to book your free vps with the new platform.

Existing host1free users won’t loss their vps or data as mentioned by host1free.

Meanwhile you may check our free vps section for more active free vps providers.

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