Unlimited Free Recharge from Ladooo for Downloading App

Hello Guys hope you are enjoying mCent, Amulyam, Ultoo, Laaptu for free recharge from downloading apps and doing small tasks.


Update : Get up to Rs 7 for downloading apps now as there are more new trending apps.


There are continuous interest in websites to provide free recharge these days and great to see all these working fairly.


I will say mCent is leading the entire free recharge services as its quite easy to download apps and earn and instant redeem to all operators.


So another alternate to / similar app like mcent is here, its Ladooo


You can say ladooo is complete package of Ladoo 😀


Don’t care about mobile recharges when you have a Android phone and Ladooo app in phone.


Simple steps to be followed to get credits in Ladooo wallet :

Download official Ladooo App

You don’t need to sign up or login at all as it will automatically make an account using your MAC id from phone.

Open the app.





You can see the offers list which gets updated everyday. Simply download apps one by one daily and you will get instant credits for all apps.


Whats Next ?


Here one surprise comes that you can redeem your wallet with free recharge as well DTH Recharge which is not available in other websites.


So what are you waiting ?? Download official Ladooo App

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30 Replies to “Unlimited Free Recharge from Ladooo for Downloading App”

  1. Sir, i install ladoo app on
    my samsung galaxy
    core, this app asked to
    verify the number,i
    given the number, the
    code is come to my phone but in the app
    sending sms i.e,
    buffering then after
    some times it says try

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