Vim free Recharge process : Rs.10 assured Recharge

After Bourbon free recharge and Close up Free recharge its time to get more free recharge with Vim free recharge offer.


vim free recharge


Get a VIM bar of 500g and win assured Rs 10 free recharge. You can also with with Vim bar 80g – 300g packs.


Vim free Recharge process :


Buy any Vim bar of 80g, 130g, 300g, 200gx3 and 500g and locate the coupon inside.


Now give a miss call to 08091011111 [Tool Free]


You will get a call back shortly.


On the IVR system voice call select the option to enter product code.


Participate on the short survey and win Rs.10 or Rs20 free recharge from close up directly credited to your mobile number.


This is the official Vim free recharge Tariff :


80g:1 in 6 will win Talktime
130g:1 in 3 will win Talktime
200g x 3:Everyone will win Talktime
300g:1 in 2 will win Talktime
500g:Everyone will win Talktime


In case Tamil Nadu state You will win Rs.10 assured recharge on correct answer on 130g and 300g Vim pack.


Hurry the vim free recharge expires on 15th November 2014.


Photo Credits : Panoramio

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