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Safety for Women has become an inevitable in recent times. A woman cannot be accompanied by a man or any one who she trusts all the time to take care of her safety. She can protect herself by the only means of self-defense. CouponZ Club now have a peek-a-boo into Women Safety App.

Under this discussion top women security app are briefly been summarized :

Sentinel : safe.anywhere

This  application  can be used on smart phones with Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and Java operating systems.The purpose of Sentinel is to send multiple alert messages and mails on various unmanageable situations from the woman’s phone.


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This app gathers the information such as the location where the woman had lastly been at, direction of travel, mode of transportation and the vehicle number. These details have to be entered by the user. The messages will be triggered by itself at three possible circumstances i.e., firstly when the user’s phone loses its signal for some time a ‘fail safe’ message will be sent, secondly when the app is incorrectly being exited and lastly when the earpiece is forcibly being switched off.

Official Page Link/Download App : Sentinel

Hollaback : You have the power to end street harassment

This app can be used on iPhone and Android. believes that street harassment are the root cause for every other sexual violence. The application includes a harassment prevention website ihollaback.org. The users are being encouraged to post the picture of the harasser on the site so that he would be exposed and people who would tend to do like him will also be warned. The stories of such incidents which happen in public buses, with familiar or unfamiliar persons are encouraged to be posted on the wall of the website. The Hollaback is also an organisation which serves to bring an end to street harassment.

Official Page : Hollaback

Delhi Helpline :


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The most sensational news about the flaws in women safety and security was the Delhi rape incident. Soon after that incident took place many preventive measures are being taken from Govt. and one among them is the Delhi Helpline. The application includes many  emergency services such as women helpline services, student helpline services,child abuse,  shelter homes  etc.

Eye Watch for Women :


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Eye Watch for Women is a special application for women security as the application could track the location of the user even when there is no GPS connection. This app serves to be very much useful as it sends notification messages to keep the guardians alert.

Official App : Eye Watch for Women

Vith U App : Gumrah Initiative

Indian TV serial known as ” Gumrah ” has portrayed a lot of true stories regarding women and exploitation over many episodes. This show is broadcast-ed on Channel V and there is an app created by Channel V to help protect and provide any women in danger a quick help to notify others of her situation.


VithU is an emergency App that, at the click of the power button of your Android smartphone two times consecutively begins sending out alert messages every two minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers.

Also if you have been a victim or witnessed a Crime you can share the incident with Channel V by posting it in the Submit Your Story option in the Menu Bar of the App.

Official App : Vith U App

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